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My name is Kelvin Porch; I’m an affiliate marketer for the website low back pain today. In this article, I’ll be giving my opinion about acute low back pain treatment.

Mostly, I’m a very loyal person, which is probably my biggest virtue. I also love traveling to different places. That is why I was thrilled with driving over-the-road for a career; I had a chance to be introduced to people once far away with various cultures all over the U.S.A.

My biggest fear developed into a real-life situation; after being in a traffic accident that left me in chronic pain for life, it is the reason I have a passion for doing research and finding treatment methods that unlock the pain puzzle. I like helping people achieve pain-free results by advising on managing pain.

What do you do when things seem so confusing? You can’t close your door and pretend it doesn’t exist. If you have acute or chronic low back pain and can’t imagine how to get back to exercise, work, or day-to-day activities. If you have tried your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, acupuncture, or physiotherapist to no avail, don’t give up. On this website, you’ll find the products and treatments needed to begin home treatment.

If you’re ready to manage your discomforts, follow the advice provided on this website. To view products and accessories for a home treatment plan, click here.

Pain relief today, and products.

The products for your treatment plan.

A quality mattress can solve your back/neck pain problem.


Acute Low Back Pain Exercises

By refusing a home treatment plan, you are neglecting an inherent responsibility for achieving pain relief, and the discomfort will only worsen. Through that neglect, life and happiness slip away, leaving you without the benefits of pain management and unfulfilled. Neglecting your discomfort is unnecessary and contrary to human nature and is rooted in the deception of conventional treatment methods.

A major mistake many people make is to expect other people’s pain to be like theirs. The treatment for all will not be alike. The severity of your discomfort and your health condition will determine the type of exercise and the amount.

For back pain, stretching will give relief to spasms by loosening and activating tight muscles. Begin a gradual stretching program created around these four exercises to alleviate discomforts:

  1. Bridges- While lying on your back, bend your knees and allow your feet to remain on the floor. Next, you raise your hips and maintain a straight line with your back, knees, and shoulders; retain this position for six seconds and do eight to twelve repetitions if physically possible.
  2. Knee to Chest- While lying on the floor with legs straight, bring your right knee to your chest while keeping your left leg straight. Retain the knee to chest position for 15 to 30 seconds before lowering your leg back down and repeat with the other leg; complete 2 to 4 repetitions with each leg.
  3. Press-Up Back Extensions- Lay on your stomach and place your elbows underneath your shoulders with your hands flat on the ground. Next, push down on your hands and lift your shoulders away from the floor. Keep this position for several seconds; repeat 8 to 12 times.
  4. Bird Dogs-While on your hands and knees with them both shoulder and hip-width apart. With back straight and ab muscles tight, light your right leg and extend it behind you and hold for five seconds, then lower your leg and repeat on the other side. Perform 8 to 12 repetitions with each leg.
Low impact exercises alleviate back pain.
Low impact exercises alleviate back pain.

The muscles that support your spine are known as the core muscles; they include the back, buttocks, sides, and pelvis. To reduce strain on your back and alleviate pain strengthen all your core muscles.

For core strengthening, try the following exercises:

  1. Chair Stand-Place a chair with a small pillow in the back so that it’s resting against a wall. Sit at the front of the chair, place your feet flat on the floor and moderately apart with knees bent, then lean back on your pillow in a half-relaxed position with your arms crossed and your hands on your shoulders. With your back and shoulders straight, raise your upper body forward until you are sitting upright, then stand up slowly using your hands as little as possible. Lastly, slowly sit back down; try for 8 to 12 reps, rest then repeat.
  2. Partial Crunches-While lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Next, you place your hands behind your head or cross your arms around your chest; at that moment, tighten your abs and raise your shoulders off the floor as you breathe out. Retain the crunch for one second before lowering back down, do 8 to 12 partial crunches.
  3. Pelvic Tilts-While lying on your back, draw in your stomach by pulling your ab muscles towards the rear. Hold for 10 seconds, and breathe smoothly; complete 8 to 12 pelvic tilts.
  4. Wall Sits-With your back and heels a foot apart, stand facing away from a wall; next, you lean your back against the wall and slide down until your knees are slightly bent. Gently press your low back into the wall and stay in the squatting position for 10 seconds before sliding back up the wall. Execute 8 to 12 reps.

The Pelvic Clock core exercises are all you need to alleviate chronic hip & lower back pain. The Pelvic Clock exercise device improves your core workouts by, increasing the intensity of your core workouts, cutting your core exercise time in half, developing your body’s awareness, speeds up the learning process by using the numbers on the clock, improves the precision of each pelvic movement, targets rarely used, but essential muscles.

Strengthen your core, and alleviate back pain.

Whether you like to alleviate back pain or if you do too much sitting, cycling, or if you are pregnant, the Pelvic Clock has exercises designed for you. To view and get more details about this product, click here.

Best Recliners Lower Back Pain

When relaxing in a recliner, we can redirect our consciousness away from the symptoms of chronic pain. Relaxing and pain management is vital for cultivating a greater awareness of the unity of mind and body. Because back pain can undermine emotional, physical, and spiritual health, we need relaxation to cope with the discomforts.

For instant pain relief, try spending time on a recliner chair; they give excellent support while sitting or resting. Recliners are great for your back if they meet these standards, provide lumbar support, elevates your feet above heart level, and fit your body in the right manner. Without good lumbar support, your lower back can stretch and tighten up while you sit. Your chair is the correct size if you can fit comfortably between the arms and the back and will give support to your head. If you feel tight or there is not adequate support for your head, then your chair is likely too small for your comfort.

There are many treatments and products available for low back pain, but what is the best recliner for lower back pain?

Recliners for low back pain.
Recliners help relieve pain symptoms.

Relaxzen 60-701008m Recliner With Lumbar Support


  • The max reclining angle is 140 degrees, a two-position recliner.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs/Offers a vibrating massage; with lumbar heating.
  • Manual/powered: manual
  • Rocker/glider: rocker, with storage pockets.
  • Comes with dual USB charging ports.
  • The cover is a microfiber fabric. In a beige color.

This recliner is affordable and comes with an extra-padded design with a high and wide backrest for great head, neck, and shoulder support. Also, with 8-point vibration motors, which give a full-body massage, additionally a lumbar heating feature which helps relax lower back muscles; lastly, multiple intensity levels and massage modes allow you to choose what you need.

Ashley 6880313 Recliner With Lumbar Support


  • A maximum reclining angle of 130 degrees, with two-positions.
  • The weight capacity is 250 lbs.
  • A wall hugger ideal for smaller rooms, the chair will move forward on its tracks when reclining.
  • Manual/powered: powered, it’s exceedingly stylish and incredibly supportive with an adjustable power headrest.
  • The cover is faux leather, with storage pockets.

This chair comes with features such as an impressive synthetic leather covering. It’s a classic model with bountiful padding, adjustable headrest, and lumbar support, an easy assembly that takes only a few minutes, requires only one-touch adjustment, and user-friendly remote control.

Bronzy Home Recliner With Lumbar Support


  • This recliner has a maximum reclining angle of 160 degrees; and three positions.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 330lbs.
  • A manual recliner, uncomplicated without any electrical systems.
  • A glider for smoother relaxation.
  • Bonded black leather makes the cover.

This product comes with solid features such as affordable on a small budget, the reliable frame is made from laminated veneer lumber, a metal mechanism that’s anti-rust, the cover is a soft bonded leather, there are extra-thick cushions on the backrest, headrest, and lumbar area, a strong gliding mechanism which offers smooth relaxation, three reclining positions, and easy adjustability.

By eliminating the subconscious neglect of your discomfort is what will let you integrate all knowledge of home treatment methods. Also, with their mind free from conventional treatment methods; is what propel pain sufferers to achieve relief from a home treatment program. To view a recliner for the relief of pain today click here.

Best Far Infrared Heating Pad


Low Back Pain Relief
Far Infrared Pads relieve pain symptoms.

A strong emotion felt by most sufferers is the desire for a conflict-free core to counterbalance their pain symptoms. That desire usually relates to a home treatment program that alleviates their pain; because, during treatment time, they can understand the precise details of pain management. A valuable home treatment program is vital to all pain sufferers. Survival and happiness, as well as every facet of his or her well-being, is depending on the value.

Complimentary to any home treatment plan are Infrared heating pads. With the type of energy used by Infrared heating pads, you can effectively heat your body. They have the power of penetrating deeper inside the body, which leads to better results than any other form of heat treatment, this type of energy can only be found in infrared therapy devices, namely infrared saunas or infrared heating pads.

There are many benefits of using infrared heating pads; however, ordinary heating pads are no good; in fact, they are a waste of money. Infrared heating pads are safe to use; there’s no danger of drying or burning the skin. The rays are invisible to the naked eye and penetrate more profoundly than any other form of energy. Remember, don’t mistake infrared rays for harmful ultraviolet rays because infrared rays are useful for heating joints, muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels.

By choosing an infrared heating pad for part of your home treatment plan, you’ll have a natural and safe pain relief device available whenever you need it. Pain is relieved by the heat expanding blood vessels, allowing oxygen-rich blood to rush in and relax your joints and muscles and to heal, providing fast pain relief. There are no side effects associated, and if you have a problem sleeping, using infrared heat promotes good sleep patterns. Also, sports trainers, chiropractors, and physical therapists recommend this therapy.

Five of the best far infrared heating pads include:

  1. Crystal therapy (Jade/Tourmaline stones)Negative Ions
  2. Far infrared heat Crystal therapy (Jade/Tourmaline stones) Negative Ions
  3. Far infrared heat PEMF therapy (magnetism) Crystal therapy (Amethyst) Negative Ions Photon Light (14 LEDs)
  4. Far Infrared Heat Crystal therapy (Jade stones) Neck contour Negative Ions
  5. Far Infrared heat (Carbon fiber)

Home treatment is the silver bullet that will end dishonest practitioners in the medical institution. The sole moral purpose of pain suffers; is to achieve abiding happiness, which is possible with a quality home treatment program. The real choice of treatment is not between the various medical institutions but is always the knowledge and products combined with the honesty of the pain sufferers. To include the best-infrared heating pad in your home program, click here. 

Lumbar Traction At Home

Home treatment for back pain covers many concepts for pain relief. Home treatment methods, combined with practical experience and factual evidence, delivers dramatic results. Knowledge about various home treatment methods provides an entirely different way to look at every relevant idea and concept encountered by pain suffers.

There are many types of traction used to treat low back pain, mostly traction is used to alleviate pain in combination with other treatment options such as low-impact exercises. Types of tractions are made up of mechanical, manual, autotraction, gravity-dependent, anti-gravity, pneumatic, continuous, and intermittent.

Usually, there is a drop in pressure within the spinal discs when traction forces are applied. The drop in pressure helps reduce disc bulges and herniations and will also relieve pressure on other spinal joint structures, plus the pain associated with the lower back. Traction can also reduce pressure on the nerves and help reduce symptoms such as pain, numbness, or tingling. People in pain with spinal disc degeneration (degenerative disc disease) will benefit from a home traction program; because traction will help improve the flow of minerals to the discs; and will slow down the course of degeneration over time, making treatment a cost-effective preventive measure.

Home traction devices for back pain.
Make a traction device part of your pain management plan.


Advantages of using home traction devices include:

  1. Home traction devices will provide maintenance for the spine and back and prevent re-occurrence problems.
  2. Using a traction device, along with an exercise program regularly, will enhance preventive care.
  3. There is no extended cost; you pay only once for the product and nothing else.
  4. Most home traction devices are designed to be compact and easily stored.
  5. Home devices are advantageous because they can be utilized in the comfort of your own home, whenever needed.
  6. Traction devices put you in complete control because you regulate the duration of your treatment.

Initially, my chronic pain was an endless cycle of short-term treatments in search of happiness. I went from chiropractors to pain specialists, then to physical therapists, but found no continuous relief. To get happy again, I needed to continue seeking treatment, then more short-term relief, and the cycle continued. One day after much research, I decided to give home remedies a try. Being the person I was, I immediately ordered the products I needed to get started. After all, I needed pain relief and happiness. For me, home treatment has delivered on its promise. I founded genuine pain relief through a series of treatment methods; that anyone can practice regardless of their background. Begin your treatment plan today with a home traction device, hit-it-off here is the link.

How To Treat A Back Pain

The better fraction of back pain sufferers gets better within a month of home treatment. Back pain is sometimes difficult to understand, and for some, the discomfort doesn’t go away for a few months, yet only a few have severe continuous pain. In some cases, over-the-counter pain relievers and applying heat may be all that is needed; bed rest isn’t best in most occurrences.

It is best to continue activities as much as possible. Consider low-impact exercises and your regular activities if they don’t create too much agony. Low impact exercises will increase your flexibility, strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, and improve your posture, and also stop reoccurring pain discomfort.

Don’t avoid activity because of the annoyance of pain; only stop the activities that increase your discomfort. If your pain doesn’t improve after several weeks, it will be wise to check with your doctor for medication suggestions.

Home treatment is beneficial to all pain sufferers, freeing them from attack by dishonest or unknowledgeable practitioners. Most sufferers desire and happily use home treatment to their mutual advantage. The most efficient way for sufferers to exchange their value for desired values (treatment and products) is through a quality home treatment program. The clarity and control of pain, life, and reality produce a physical and emotional high.

View low impact exercise equipment.

Fast relief for back pain.



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