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As a cross-country truck driver who had overcome adversity many times in the past, I was high and mighty and believed my back pain would be a quick fix. I was totally wrong and needed back pain treatment from home.

I started having back pain well over a decade ago, after being involved in a collision while hauling products. At the time, I was an active truck driver driving night and day enjoying and seeing the beauty of this country. My pain became so obsessive I had to quit working for a while. I went to one specialist after the next, after being informed I had damaged nerves and a herniated disc in my lower back. Attempted treatments included injections, physical therapy, and also chiropractic care, but these solutions only gave me temporary relief. The pain was so bad I knew I had to find a solution. The answer is don’t wait for someone to fix your pain. My circumstance was unforeseen, and they sorted me out for regular visits. Their businesses depend on a continuous cycle. I’m not implying these people are crooks, but; I know firsthand their treatments are usually temporary.

Action speaks louder than words; the only way my pain improved was by taking a long hard look at my lifestyle, and making the necessary changes then sticking to them.

If you are looking for a pain management plan. Understand your pain, incorporate the needed pain devices, along with low-impact exercise equipment, avoid activities that cause discomfort, and do more of what makes you feel better. Although the use of low-impact exercise equipment and pain devices may sound simple, it will require self-discipline on your part. The best recovery is gradual and progressive; you have to be willing to put in the time and effort yourself. For the best pain equipment and accessories available today click here. Get the products you need to assist you today, for a golden key can open any door. Click here.

Find the product, alliviate the pain.

Develop your pain treatment plan today.

Overcome your pain, with products that work.

Any product, any time.

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Electronic Pain Relief Device

Back pain treatment from home.
Use a Tens Unit for effective pain relief.

Being in constant pain is like running your car with the brake lights on; you don’t know how to stop hurting. The only way to take care of this matter for good is to feel the pain and work through it. Take action and face your fears head-on; heal, deal, and release. With the Tens Units, you can’t turn into you can.

The Tens unit is a small machine you can use from home. The Tens unit is attached to a series of electrodes, which delivers a low-voltage electrical charge when placed on the skin. This charge minimizes pain signals to the brain; by stimulating nerve fibers in the area where you have pain with electrical pulses. The stimulation may cause your body to release natural hormones that decrease pain levels.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, you are in the thick of it, you don’t know what you need. You are aware the pain is, and you want it to stop. Also, there is anger because of the hurt you don’t understand yet. Hurt coupled with compassion, the hurt you feel needs direction. By using the Tens unit you’ll have a disrupter to pain signals, which will bring balance back to your brain chemistry. Tens units are effectual for treating back pain and provide relief from chronic or frequent muscle and disc back pain. You are not alone through this journey of pain; many sufferers use the TENS for treating many different types of back pain such as sciatica, herniated disk, bulging disk, muscle strains, muscle confusions, or other ailments. Put an end to the maelstrom in your mind; with the Tens, you can allow the storm to pass.

Tens units are safe for most people; however, some people should avoid this type of treatment unless advised by a doctor.

People who should get a doctor’s advice first include:

  1. Pregnant women- When pregnant avoid using TENS in the abdominal and pelvic regions.
  2. Epilepsy- If you have epilepsy never apply electrodes to the head or neck (may induce seizures).
  3. If you have a heart problem.
  4. If you have any type of electrical or metal implant, such as a pacemaker.

Appreciate your experiences and lessons you have learned, painful though they may have been. Let go of what was, so you can receive new life with the TENS unit treatment, click here.

Best mattresses for bad backs.
A good mattress can be the first step in treating your back pain.

Best Mattress For Bad Backs

When sleeping on a substandard mattress, you’re internalizing your suffering to one extent or another. This pattern of internalizing causes various aches and pains; because you are carrying a burden of pain that is too big for your comfort. The best mattress for back pain should conform to your body, improve spinal alignment, and keep you on an even plane without sagging too much. A Bear Mattress, because of material and design provides better back pain and pressure relief than others.

Sleeping on a bad mattress is a tremendous price to pay, resulting in chronic pain, with complications such as difficulty walking, standing, sitting, and will drain your energy daily. The Bear Mattress takes away those worries, with a mid-level firmness it is the ideal mattress. There is ample padding for side sleepers which can improve spinal alignment and alleviate pressure points. With little or no sagging, back and stomach sleepers will receive a good balance of body-conforming and support.

It is logical to conclude whatever pain you have been experiencing can’t be avoided forever. The scenarios will be the same time and time again. You have learned the lesson; now break the pattern

Bear has a current line of beds geared toward physically active people, including the Bear Hybrid, it’s constructed with two foam comfort layers and a pocketed coil support core. There is no way to live in a real sense if you’re separated into parts that are in pain.

Ultimately think about durability. If the mattress is fabricated using low-grade foam, synthetic latex, and other materials of questionable quality, it will begin to wear out more quickly than those with denser and more resilient layers. The problem is the comfort layers will wear out over time, bringing about less support for the upper back.

Heal your pain by purchasing a quality mattress. The cure is an ideal bonus; click here.

Inversion treatment and back pain.
Use an inversion table to alleviate pain symptoms

Inversion Table Lower Back Pain

I know chronic pain can be confusing, and you find yourself thinking, “where do I start”? Feeling overwhelmed, you’re not sure you can handle the hurt alone. The future is unknown; however, with inversion, you’ll have somewhere to start. Have a little faith, and you can handle your problem. With an inversion table, you can learn from it, grow from it, help others through it, and thrive because of it.

Benefits of using an inversion table:

Pain Relief – There is a trend of pain relief in people who have tried inversion tables. Studies have shown specifically that inversion at an angle of 60 degrees for eight weeks usually results in a reduction in back pain.

  1. Flexibility – Because of micro-movements in the spine, over time sufferers using an inversion table will find it easier to bend.
  2. Posture – With an inversion table you can realign your spine. An inversion table will realign your spine and improve your posture.
  3. Balance – Improve your posture and balance. Many athletes and professionals use inversion therapy to improve their use of awareness and balance. The practice balances the inner ear, which is a key factor in helping to maintain balance.
  4. Improved oxygen flow to the brain- When in an inverted position there is an increased blood flow which increases oxygen to the brain. Increased oxygen improves cognitive functions.
  5. Improve your core- While being inverted, if you do exercises such as crunches, back extensions, and also sit-ups, they will reduce the risk of spinal injury, which increases your core strength. Resulting in improved spinal support and a stronger back.
  6. Minimize Stress – Inversion will reduce tension in the muscles. Physical stress in the body will be reduced within the first 10 seconds of inversion, tension is reduced by 35%.

It’s not easy nor convenient for chronic pain sufferers to go to the clinic multiple times per week for treatments, therefore, fewer treatments mean longer recovery time. With an inversion table, you can get relief in as little as 15 minutes per day. Sufferers can treat back pain at the convenience of home anytime needed. Inversion tables offer medical-based decompression which is one of the most effective treatments for lasting back pain relief. According to studies decompression of the spine improves problems such as bulging or herniated disc, sciatica, stenosis, and more.

Becoming fixated on your pain can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. Wishing for things to work out is like putting a chokehold on your success. See your situation for what it is, understand what’s really going on, and be amazed at the many possibilities that back pain products and accessories hold for you. Click here.

Holistic healing herbs.
Heal naturally with holistic healing herbs.

Holistic Healing Herbs

Have strength enough to soldier on, despite finding no relief after treatment, perhaps you have been failed by a Doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Acupuncture, or Physiotherapist, there is still a bright side. When we understand the true nature of our pain, we can summon compassion for ourselves as we move along the path to healing, peace, and wholeness.

I have all the evidence I need; we sufferers aren’t alone when conventional treatment has failed, Holistic health care providers, proclaim that each individual has different parts such as physical, emotional, environmental, and spiritual aspects. Instead of treating just the disorder or affliction, the Holistic medicine focal point is on treating the entire person. We are living, thinking, feeling, lively beings, and we are more than an assemblage of inter-related chemical processes.

The keys to Holistic healing:

  1. Balances the mind, body, and soul.
  2. Looks for natural solutions.
  3. Heals the entire being.

To heal your entire being naturally and balance the forces of nature, click here. Go from medication to meditation.

Treating Back Pain Home

At first, we are afraid of the pain we have to face, and we’re afraid things won’t be ok. We feel we’ll never find the treatment needed, the pain will never stop. When I was going through the first weeks of my chronic pain, I was overwhelmed. But I kept getting a message in my mind, that what I was going through was for something surprising to come. Buried inside of me under the crushing pain was my spirit saying yes.

I have confronted my pain, and I know first hand to heal, we have to have faith. Going deep into my soul, I felt all the fears then became braver than I’ve ever been. Because of bravery, I’m connected to my back pain treatment, instead of just hearing about treatment, I’m fully abiding by my back pain treatment plan. It is time for you to get what you deserve in life and the only thing that’s holding you back is yourself. Maybe you have been making choices that aren’t serving your needs. You deserve a treatment plan that deeply connects with you. I will not run away; I’ll hold a space to help you develop a treatment plan, with the equipment and accessories that will assist in your recovery. I like to grow a partnership that is mutual, trusting, loving, joyful, and honest.

With products and accessories, pain sufferers have opportunities to learn, grow, change, and experience a rewarding life. On this site, you’ll find there is no shortage of treatment options and challenges. You don’t need a complicated plan, just a commitment to reach your goal. Find a space where you won’t be distracted. Your exercise routine should be easy to follow and low impact; never push your body; your practice should be gradual and progressive. Others have developed and prepared the way with the finest products available in the world; view my entire website for more tips on getting your pain manageable. Make a goal today to purchase what is needed to begin your pain management program. It will unquestionably change your day and conceivably change your life. Begin by clicking here.

Methods and products for home treatment.
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