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My name is Kelvin L. Porch, and I’m a chronic low back pain sufferer and have been for over a decade. I’ve experienced all of the ups and downs of chronic back discomforts. I feel many chronic back pain sufferers know the lack of self-confidence and the feelings of inadequacy very well. It afflicts all areas of our lives. The exciting news is thru lower back pain home treatment; sufferers can regain their self-worth and learn to have confidence in themselves; a home treatment program can change everything.

I believe chronic back pain sufferers will gain self-confidence by understanding proven home treatment methods and trusting their judgment and abilities. Through that trust, we can value ourselves and feel worthy, regardless of our injury or of what others may believe about the discomforts.

We chronic back pain sufferers gain faith in ourselves by managing our discomforts and achieving home treatment goals. Faith encourages us to believe if we learn treatment methods and use an honest effort, we’ll succeed. It’s this type of conviction that leads chronic back pain sufferers to accept the sometimes difficult challenges.

Moreover, by refining your home treatment program, you’ll stop feeling defeated by the pain, and before long, you’ll be in control of your discomforts. And that will make your life more efficient, allowing you to concentrate on your responsibilities as problems are solved. If your annoyance return, you’ll know, come back to this site for answers that will soothe the issue. View pain equipment and accessories needed to begin your treatment plan.

Stretching will improve your flexibility and mobility.

Practice mindfulness to alleviate pain.

Try low-impact aerobices to decrease chronic or acute pain soon as possible.

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What Causes Of Lower Back Pain

With in-home alternative treatment methods, nothing tangible or conceptual is unknowable in a treatment plan. Entirely different from such fake awareness through conventional medical treatment, is the awareness arising from mirroring personal achievements. Home treatment genuinely enhances self-awareness and communication. Reflections of chronic pain sufferers’ character and qualities; are a result of direct knowledge of treatment methods and pain-relieving products.

(Mechanical issues) abnormal stress and strain on muscles of the vertebral column is a cause of low back pain. Also, in many cases, soft-tissue injures are a cause of low back pain. Types of injuries to the lower back include damage to the intervertebral discs, sciatica, and improper movement of the spinal joints. However, a torn or pulled muscle or ligament is the single most common cause of lower back pain.

Lower back pain home treatment.
Understand the cause of your back pain, and find a home treatment method.

The following are common causes of lower back pain.

Herniated Discs-Spinal discs function in the lower back is to support the upper body and allow mobility and movement in all directions. Many times disc herniation symptoms start for no apparent reason. Or may occur when a person lifts something heavy or twists the lower back, using motions that put added stress on the discs. Lumbar herniated discs routinely affect people between 35 and 50; however, it’s a widespread medical problem.

Muscle Injuries-Back pain due to a muscle injury is often experienced in the muscles around the spine and sometimes causes muscle spasms.

Sciatica-The cause of sciatica is pressure put on one or more of the lumbar nerves in the lower back. Sciatica is attributable to herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, or other alignment problems of the vertebrae. Therefore, sciatica isn’t a single symptom because it encompasses several symptoms.

Stress-Stress can cause or add to your back pain. Stress can lead to illness and discomforts; when you worry, spasms are quite common. Research has shown the fear of pain can cause pain.

Bulging Disc-Bulging discs are similar to herniated discs but usually less significant. With a bulging disc, there are fewer symptoms, but the pain is more intense.

Degenerative Disc Disease-If the disc in the spine begins to degenerate, it may cause the bones to rub together, which leads to pain and discomfort.

Chronic low back pain
Products and accessories, for treating chronic low back pain.


Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint-The sacroiliac joint is where the spine and pelvis meet. And can wear down during intense movement or because of an injury also; arthritis may cause damage too. When the joint is damaged, lower back pain can result.

Spinal Stenosis-This condition is more common among the elderly and people who are prone to inflammation.

Osteoarthritis-This type of arthritis can lead to pain, swelling, and discomfort in the joints. This condition is usually a result of old age and natural degeneration; however, it also occurs because of nutrient deficiency. When the disorder progresses, the cartilage between the vertebrae will degenerate, resulting in lower back pain and discomfort.

Spondylolisthesis-This disease causes one of the lower vertebrae to slip forward onto the bone directly beneath it. The spinal disorder causes pain in the upper or lower back. It is a painful condition that is treatable. This condition is related to abnormalities or people of older age.

In a world of escalating fraudulent medical practices of back pain patients, back pain sufferers need to be aware. What will stop the destructive trend? Home treatment methods, followed by quality products for a health care program, will not only stop that trend but will put people with back pain in control. By implementing home treatment, it will reverse that trend. Nothing can stop the current home treatment wave from breaking across barriers; and eliminating the illusions of chronic low back pain. View products and accessories needed for back pain.

Infrared Light Therapy For Back Pain

Through honest thinking and sustained efforts, chronic low back pain sufferers can self-heal and strengthen their minds. Through self-healing, back pain sufferers can retake control of life and reverse diminishing health caused by debilitating back pain.

Lower back pain home treatment products.
Solutions for your back pain management plans.

Scientific research advocates that red and infrared light can cause unquestionable effects on living cells, with implementations for treating inflammation and wound healing. Infrared light therapy offers pain relief benefits to individuals with chronic muscle or nerve pain. If you’re looking for a non-invasive and natural form of pain relief, then perhaps infrared light therapy is for you.

In a study using infrared energy as treatment, 40 people suffering from chronic lower back pain; at the Rothbart Pain Management Clini, were treated. The infrared therapy unit reduced chronic low back pain with no adverse side effects.

When searching for products for infrared light therapy, you’ll find there are numerous products accessible. Many infrared light products have a red light or infrared light or both types of light. That is why it will be helpful to know what makes red and infrared light therapy different.

Light appears in different colors according to its wavelength. One dissimilarity between red and infrared light is how the depth of their wavelengths penetrate the body. Because light appears in different colors according to its wavelength, red light works primarily on the skin’s surface for beauty and anti-aging appeals. Infrared light therapy penetrates deeper into the body and is used to treat muscle and nerve pain. The two light sources can complement each other in treating soreness in the body at different depths.

NASA first used visible red and invisible infrared light technology in the 1990s in a clinical context. Infrared light therapy treats deep tissue using infrared waves of light emitted from LEDs. Infrared waves penetrate the deep tissue to promote cell regeneration and increase blood flow, preventing cell death that causes tissue damage. With regular infrared light therapy, people can obtain less muscle soreness, fewer spasms, and less stiffness.

Infrared light therapy devices made for home use can deliver infrared energy to any part of the body where nerve pain or muscle stiffness is a complication.

Use infrared light therapy devices to treat the following conditions:

  • Acute and chronic low back pain.
  • For neck aches and stiffness.
  • Shoulder soreness, such as from sitting at a computer
  • Upper back, after exercising.
  • For knee pain and stiffness
  • For ankles aches, including from running
  • If you have wrist issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Feet, when sore from standing, arthritis or other causes
  • For hands, when tired and achy from arthritis or other issues

Among the most common uses for infrared light is acute and chronic lower back pain. In hard to reach places, a flexible wrap-around light therapy device can make them accessible. There are oral care LED devices to treat inflammation and pain of the gum.

You can treat your pain at home by making an infrared light therapy device part of your treatment plan. If you suffer from muscle pain or inflammation, nerve pain, or joint stiffness, view an infrared light therapy device for your home use.

Causes of lower back pain women.
The causes of lower back pain in women.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain Women

Back pain is more likely to become chronic over time for women. Also, women are more probably to develop a variety of back pain and related conditions.

In the post-menopausal age (above 50 years) is when back pain-related issues are more typical. Some conditions are more common (and can be exclusive) in women.

Causes of lower back pain in women include:

Piriformis Syndrome-The piriformis muscle is a large muscle located deep in the buttock. Pain originating from spasms in the piriformis muscle is called piriformis syndrome. Because of hormone and pregnancy-related changes in the pelvis area, women are more affected. Many times the piriformis syndrome appears like sciatica pain because of irritation and compression of the sciatic nerve.
Piriformis syndrome may bring on:

  • Chronic pain in the buttock and hip area that is worsened by hip movements.
  • Pain when you get out of bed.
  • Inability to sit for a long time.
  • Radiating pain in the back of your thigh and leg.

When lying on your back, the symptoms usually get better.

Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction-The sacroiliac joint connects the bottom of the spine to the pelvis. When there is pain from the sacroiliac joint, it is called sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis. Sacroiliac joint problems are among the more common causes of lower back pain.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can also cause sciatica-like symptoms. Some characteristics include:

  • Lower back pain.
  • If there is a dull or achy pain directly over the buttock, which may occasionally flare into a sharp pain.
  • When there is a keen, stabbing, or shooting pain down your thigh, typically not going past your knee.

Spinal osteoarthritis-Wear and tear arthritis; (osteoarthritis) of the joints that connect the vertebrae (facet joints) is common in women; the risk of getting spinal osteoarthritis increases with maturity and weight gain.

Because spinal osteoarthritis breakdown the fibrous cartilage in the facet joints, the bones may rub together, causing pain. Osteoarthritis of the lower back can instigate:

  • Frequent pain in your upper or lower back, groin, buttocks, and thighs.
  • Recurring back stiffness and pain in the morning.
  • Random flares of severe pain.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis-Degenerative spondylolisthesis is when a vertebra in the spine slips over one below it due to degeneration. Due to lower levels of estrogen in post-menopausal women, the condition is more common.

Because of low estrogen, there is an increase in degradation of the vertebral disc. There is a loosening of ligaments of the vertebrae that causes spinal instability; and an increased risk of vertebral slippage.

Causes for low back pain women.
Chronic back pain, causes, and treatment options.

This condition can cause the following:

  • The feeling of lower back pain with radiating pain in your legs.
  • The feeling of pain while walking (neurogenic claudication) if the spinal cord gets compressed.

 Bending forward will give pain relief.

The endometriosis-One irregularity that affects women is endometriosis; with this condition, uterus tissues grow outside the womb.

In most cases, symptoms include:

  • A painful menstrual cycle with severe pelvic and lower abdominal pain
  • Painful discomfort in the genital region
  • Lower back pain, usually during menstruation

The pelvic and back pain may become chronic, with flaring during menses.

Spinal osteoporosis fractures-When the density of bones decreases; they become brittle and susceptible to fracture; this condition is called osteoporosis. Those in the post-menopausal age are four times more likely to develop osteoporosis than their male counterparts; it may be because of the deficiency of estrogen
hormones, bone loss at a younger age, and bone loss at a rapid pace.

Osteoporosis alone will cause bone pain, but this condition will also cause compression fractures in the spine, ensuing in acute back pain. Spinal compression fractures may cause: 

  • Back pain that occurs in your mid-back or the region between the mid and lower back. 
  • The pain may spread to the front of your body and be confused with heart or lung problems.

Sometimes this condition will become a medical emergency; it depends upon the severity.

Back pain in women has unidentifiable causes sometimes. However, typical changes in a woman’s lifecycle, including pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, weight gain (particularly so in the abdomen), can trigger a sequence of events leading to back pain.

If you have back pain, such as numbness or weakness, consult your doctor.

For back pain, develop a home treatment program for your body, emotions, and intellectual needs. Contrary to erroneous views, there is no separation between the mind and body. For your back pain, get the products and accessories needed to function as an integrated whole.

Stress and lower back pain.
Stress can lead to lower back pain. How to treat your stress.

Stress And Lower Back Pain

Cutting through the maze and revealing the values embedded in alternative home treatment methods, not in conventional medical practices tenets. And understanding why chronic back pain sufferers get caught up in worthless treatment is a big step toward eliminating irrational dogma that stifles low back pain sufferers and keeps them in bondage to false practices.

When we become stressed, our bodies naturally release hormones. When under stress, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol interferes with various functions, such as a loss of muscle mass and increases in fat accumulation. Stress over time can cause musculoskeletal issues in the neck and back; also, stress can affect the body in many other ways, from mood swings and headaches to weight fluctuations.

Ways to minimize tension includes:
Exercise-When you work out, your brain releases endorphins, and your overall health is improved, which reduces stress. When at work, do a few laps around the office every few hours, or use a standing desk. Begin an exercise program at home. Exercising can help relieve spine pain and improve your mobility; also, do stretches to pinpoint trouble areas in your neck and back.

Eating Healthy-When you practice healthy eating on a routine basis, you’ll get a sense of well-being. Healthy eating is crucial for weight loss, and a healthy weight will take pressure from your spine and improve your posture.

Relaxation-Even if you are busy with work, family, and social commitments, you should take time to read a good book, spend time with loved ones, or practice meditation or mindfulness. Remember, drinking and smoking will add to your stress.

After identifying and rejecting all external and conscious illusions about back pain treatment, sufferers can focus on getting rid of those illusions. Those illusions are present as an illness transmitted from traditional medical treatment methods. The illusions damage and destroy the protective elements obtained thru alternative home treatment methods. But today, home treatment will lead to the cure of illusions; that brings unhappiness. View products and accessories for your home treatment plan.

The successful management of back pain.
Begin your home treatment program, for success and prosperity.

Achieving Control OF Chronic Back Pain

Throughout history, prosperity and happiness came to be unobtainable for many chronic lower back pain sufferers. Conventional medical practices have made us their victims. For they live off your efforts, repaying you only with temporarily satisfactory treatment. Because of the lack of knowledge about alternative home treatment methods, we have unnecessarily accepted their fraud and abuse.

With alternative home treatment, many methods may help alleviate your back pain. From low-impact exercising and stretching to slight changes in your daily routine, they all can help you control your pain.

Other chronic lower back pain treatment includes:

  1. Mindfulness and Meditation. 
  2. Healthy Eating & And Weight Control.
  3. Lifestyle Modifications. 
  4. Herbs & Essential Oils
  5. Alternative Treatments. 
  6. Pain Relieving Devices.

The alternative to all gloomy scenarios; caused by illusions about back pain treatment; is a home treatment plan. A quality home treatment program will render all deceitful medical practices impotent, uncompetitive, and unable to manipulate chronic lower back pain sufferers. In a home treatment environment, an unstoppable surge of happiness and well-being will occur. Start your home treatment program today, view the products and accessories needed to begin.

Fast relief for back pain.
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