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Chronic pain is sometimes ridiculously hard to manage. For over a decade, I have been managing chronic back pain. Because of back pain products and equipment, my discomfort is at a level I can tolerate.

I’m uncertain why we can spend millions on disasters; however, there is no cure for back pain. There is no magic wand; not one treatment has worked magically. Because there is room for improvement, we get slapped in the face with pointless and expensive testing, therapies, and surgeries, which is about finding structural problems that are not the cause of the pain. There are many factors in treating back pain, and it’s why lower back pain home treatment is vital

The mix-up is many practitioners see back pain as a mechanical problem; they feel as if the spine is a fragile structure that breaks down. The truth is there are many factors in treating back pain, it’s hard to treat because it’s complicated. No one likes pain; maybe the secret is to broaden our perspective beyond what we have been trying, then we can begin to do our part to help create a greater sense of managing pain.

Many health professionals are unprepared to treat low back pain, and patients sometimes go for months or even years without getting good care & advice. Chronic pain with the right approach can become manageable, it’s not uncommon, and it does happen.

All pain sufferers, no matter how experienced or self-educated, can gain at least some new insights and new hope from this website. I’ll be making suggestions for equipment and products to assist you through your journey of pain. From the confusion and turmoil, your trouble shall pass.

Instant Back Pain Relief Using Tens

Pain relief today, and products.

The products for your treatment plan.

A quality mattress can solve your back/neck pain problem.


Your pain may fluctuate from day to day, making your state of mind irregular. Pain relief will improve your state of mind, which is responsible for 100 percent of your experience with pain. It’s often hard to remember this or feel consoled by it when you’re in pain; insecure thinking can often seem like your pain is here to stay, making a pain relief device vital.

A Tens unit is a small battery-operated, portable device that can be attached to clothing. The device is connected by wires; to pads that are placed on the skin. Electrical pulses are transmitted to the body, which helps alleviate pain. Many sufferers; find the treatment extremely helpful with no side effects, making the Tens form of treatment high in demand.

Tens units help to relieve the following conditions:

  1. Relief for neck and back pain.
  2. Relieves joint pain.
  3. Decreases postoperative pain.
  4. Decreases labor pain.
  5. Period pain.
  6. Sports injuries.
  7. Arthritis.
  8. painful diabetic neuropathy.

There is growing evidence of the efficacy of the Tens unit. A study from researchers at the University of Iowa and Vanderbilt University Medical Center consisted of 300 women with fibromyalgia. After randomly splitting the women into three groups, only one group of the three received Tens therapy. After four weeks, members of the group that received Tens therapy reported the largest decreases in pain and fatigue; 44 percent of the group reported; their pain improved by at least 30 percent, 45 percent felt less fatigue, and 29 percent had both less pain and fatigue.

Regardless of feeling regret, you deserve relief today without the low-esteem caused by constant pain. The only way to experience happiness in your current circumstance is to take responsibility. Perhaps others haven’t made it easy for you in the past, but you’re responsible for your attitude now. Don’t let the pain you have felt in the past influence your present. With a Tens unit each day you’ll gain more understanding, insight, control, and progress over your pain.

At this moment you can decide to punish yourself and submit to misery, or forgive and create the happiness you desire. If you choose pain relief and the benefits a Tens offers click here.

Best Mattress For Back And Neck Pain

Wake up feeling refreshed.

After a good night’s sleep, you should awaken feeling refreshed and prepared for another day. Morning aches and pains are confusing unless you have an injury that contributes to your discomfort. If your day to day activities haven’t changed, then the problem may be your pillow and mattress.

Your discomfort will become part of a river of grief that pulses deep inside; no one can see it, but it will inform you at every turn of your discomfort.

People with arthritis, back pain, and neck pain feel more comfortable when sleeping on an adjustable air mattress. The reason may be because people in pain find more satisfaction by adjusting their beds to match the level and type of pain they are currently experiencing. This is according to Joel Press, M.D., physiatrist-in-chief at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

With a firmer mattress, you can give your neck and back an instant evaluation; you’ll be aware of where your pain points are, which is ideal for making needed adjustments. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, generally, it will not offer sufficient support.

Why you may need a firmer mattress? It’s believed, back pain sufferers will benefit from a firmer mattress because of the back support they provide, especially in the lower lumbar region. A firmer mattress is ideal for hefty people because of the resistance to body weight, which prevents the body from sinking into the bed.

Although we are living the American dream: healthy children, beautiful homes, great careers, and friends. If you have a bad mattress, you are missing an intimate, heartfelt connection.

Don’t tell yourself that it’s ok to continue to feel agony and discomfort, because it’s a consequence of your own choice. Sadness and dread from low self-esteem will fill your entire body if you choose to ignore the source of your pain. Don’t allow these feelings to define you, purchase a quality mattress today. Click here.

Alternative Medicine For Back Pain

There are many possible sources of pain in the lower back. Surgery may seem to be a hasty remedy, however, in reality, 85% of people don’t need, and will not benefit from back surgery, says Anders Cohen, MD, chief of neurosurgery at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, in New York City.

Given the fact, many times over conventional treatment isn’t the answer for back pain; there is plenty of room for alternative and complementary therapies, such as Ayurveda medicine, low impact exercise, chiropractic therapy, and acupuncture for alleviating and making pain manageable.

As a chronic pain sufferer, I have found you may need to incorporate more than one form of treatment. For example, Ayurveda medicine with meditation, or low-impact exercises with massaging, using a pain device with a new mattress, the idea is to find the combination that works for you individually. When practicing alternative medicine, be more present, joyful, appreciative, and have fun. Be truly happy to be the person you are. Allow your life to be filled with doing, do an about-face, and be more involved with managing your pain; it’s a beautiful intention.

Know your treatment options.

To get your body in alignment, increase your sense of well-being, and make you more resistant to injury and fatigue, try Pilates and Yoga. Using a balanced fashion, Pilates improves flexibility, strength, balance, and body awareness, and also, lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body. If you choose, embrace Yoga to bring the body and mind together. There are three main elements of Yoga, exercise, breathing, and meditation. Both Yoga and Pilates will improve your muscular and postural strength.

Another alternative for treating back/neck pain is Ayurveda, which is appreciable in almost all cases. Includes detoxification therapies with a special focus on the use of enemas together with other therapies like the use of a herbal powder bolus fomentation, medicated oil massages, and herbal medicines. The treatment is very effective in providing benefits, rendering sufferers relief from back/neck pain and other symptoms. Treatment will also prevent further degeneration of the cartilage, bones, and nerves which will prevent further recurrence.

No matter which treatment option you choose, remember that you are creating freedom from pain. Notice at the moment the feeling of peace that you’re making with yourself. See if you can create a perception of freedom while continuing your pain management program. Enjoy this exuberant feeling daily.

Be liberated from the agony of pain; experience what it’s like managing your pain. To try Ayurveda medicine, click here. Let your freedom from pain begin today.

Exercise Bikes Lower Back Pain

I know from personal experience as a chronic pain sufferer, creating focus, purpose, and mindfulness is a tough thing because of pain. Back pain is debilitating, causing sufferers to feel pulled in a thousand directions; plagued by overwhelming distractions from pain, we put off doing important pain management exercises.

Regular exercise will improve your appearance and general health; but, do you realize the positive effects that good physical conditioning can have on the lower back. Many studies attest to dramatic improvements of low back pain in sufferers who are physically fit.

To obtain the benefit from a low impact exercise program depends on three principles. 

  • It is imperative to achieve adequate aerobic fitness. 
  • You should target part of your workout on the muscle groups that support your back. 
  • Bypass exercises that place excessive stresses on your back.

For low back pain, the recommended exercises are swimming, fast walking, cycling, elliptical exerciser, and using a ski machine; because these forms of activity involve the large muscle groups of your body (arms and legs) in a cyclical fashion. Your goal should be to attain the suggested heart rated for your age for 30 minutes three times per week.

If pain has been holding you back from seizing your opportunities, if getting started or finishing your pain exercises is difficult, then perhaps the recumbent bike is ideal for you. With Recumbent bikes, also called Reclining bicycles, exercises can be done from a reclining position, which is especially helpful for people with lower back pain or degenerative disc disease. These bikes have a backrest that provides more support than an upright bike; also, they give a great aerobic workout and strengthen the lower body with little or no impact.

Low impact exercises will help back pain.

Accepting where you are and what you can and cannot do is the first step in managing your pain. It’s the only way through any experience of pain, with battered and bruised feelings inside. The recumbent bike allows you to accept your limits and yet get a quality workout. Win your struggle over pain; to try a recumbent bike, click here.

Lower Back Pain Treatment At Home

Most low back pain will be dull and aching or sharp and stabbing, your discomfort can range from mild to severe, and there may be a feeling of tingling or burning, also there may be a pain in your legs.

Types of low back pain include the following:

  • Acute low back pain, lasting for four weeks or less.
  • Subacute low back pain, pain lasting between four weeks and twelve weeks. 
  • Chronic low back pain, pain that lasts for twelve weeks or longer

Low back pain can make doing daily activities difficult; because stiffness may make it hard to stand up straight or move your lower back.

It’s common to attempt to endure pain and hope for a positive outcome. Trying to tolerate or ignore back pain will lead to feeling guiltier and like a failure.

Another option for treatment at home works similarly to corrective exercises used when learning natural movement, which is great for low back pain, also works to restore proper alignment and function. The Posture Pump helps chronic pain sufferers, by correcting repetitive, misaligned movements that would otherwise continue to cause pain. The source of pain is from misalignment which causes dysfunction, chronic pain, and partial or complete disability. Sufferers generally have chronic pain and dysfunction associated with the neck, head, and cervical spine.

Benefits of the Posture Pump include:

  1. Pain relief- for the relief of painful neck and upper back stiffness, also headaches, and fatigue.
  2. Restores- used to shape & restore the proper neck curve.
  3. Facilitate- flexibility and range of motion.
  4. Promote- decompression & hydrates compressed discs.
  5. Disc- decreases disc bulging. Corrects- reduces and corrects forward head, neck, and upper back (hump)posture.
  6. Upper Back- applies to reverse pressure to upper back humps.
  7. Flexibility- improves flexibility and range of motion.
  8. Transport- lightweight, easy to operate & travel with.
  9. Durable- made in the USA.

How do you feel about yourself? Questions about your inherent value often arise from unresolved issues such as back pain. Every facet of your life can be negatively impacted until you decide what to do. Your values are meaningful, affront your back pain issues today. For the Posture Pump click here.

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