How To Relieve Back Pain Fast At Home

After suffering from back pain for many years I just wanted the pain to stop and to live a normal life. Unaware of what to do for back pain, I would go home and do very little, just enough to ease my pain and return to work the next day. The normal family life I […]

Lower Back Pain Relief Products

After an accident in an 18 wheeler, the pain was new and terrifying. I had low back pain that hadn’t been there before, I had a need for lower back pain relief products. After going thru chiropractic therapies, physical therapy, and also steroid injections (also tried over the counter pain pills), The dark side, my […]

Exercises reduce lower back pain- eliminate your back pain

The prevalence of low back pain in adults has increased in the last decade. That is why I’m writing to you today because low back pain is continuing to increase in the aging population. It is the most common musculoskeletal condition affecting the adult population. I’m entirely confident exercises reduce lower back pain. I can […]

Acute low back pain relief- how to manage your pain

My need for acute low back pain relief (my condition is now chronic) began with an accident in a big rig. I was merging into interstate traffic when a vehicle sitting on the shoulder decided to pull out in front of me, and because of the breaking distance in a big rig, there was no […]